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Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones

About Us

25+ Years Experience

We devote our traditional shamanic work to spiritual, energetic, psychological and physical healing. 

Personal Treatment

Working in small groups allows us to follow and monitor the entire healing process of each individual.

Peaceful Location

DAS center is located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, and offers accommodation in 12 private huts.

Our Services


Rá pe (Há pe)
Wachuma (San Pedro)


Single Ceremonies
One Week
10 Days
One Month
...Or Longer


Plant Dietas
Vegan & Vegetarian Meals
Authentic Amazonian Experience
Bone-setting (huesería)
Private Hut for entire stay

Looking for a retreat where you can learn more about healing with ayahuasca, other rainforest plants, plant dietas, kambo and há pe?

What Others Are Saying About DAS Healing Center...


"I recently visited the DAS healing center and it was a very positive, uplifting and healing experience. I have sat in ceremony with many Ayahuasca medicine healers over the years, and hold Percy in very high regard. The feeling while in ceremony is of being safe and well supported by his energetic presence. I would highly recommend the DAS healing center. It has all the earmarks of what is important and most needed in an Ayahuasca retreat center."
"I spent 15 days at the DAS center. I had found it difficult to find the right person to do ceremonies with. I was led to Percy and am so glad that I was able to do this work with him. He is a person with good ethics, full of light, and seems to know himself well. Through these ceremonies, I was able to heal from a very severe skin reaction I had, saving me from needing to take antibiotics or cortisol. I highly recommend Percy as a safe and powerful healer and medicine man."
"It is hard to find the words of deep gratitude I have for Percy and his pure, strong, beautiful medicine. For almost 30 years I pretty much despised life, didn’t want to live it, was afraid to really live it. Thank you to Percy I am cured. He is truly a masetro grande. Also, I’d like to thank to his wonderful team that works in center. They are all very kind, warm-hearted and loving. Centro DAS is an oasis of beautiful jungle peace."
"Percy is a wonderful shaman, I’ve never felt so supported and cared for. The work he does is truly amazing. This is the third centre I have drank Ayahuasca at and I now know that I will never again drink the medicine with any other shaman in Iquitos. I have so much love for Percy and the staff at DAS and I intend to spend more time here in the future. Definitely the most transformative, changing experience of my life." Australia

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