Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones

Plant Dieta


PLANT DIETAA shamanic plant dieta is a process whereby the participant is dieting with a particular plant (chosen by the plant spirit itself) alongside dieta food for the purpose of a physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing in which connection with the plant spirit is pursued for diverse reasons such as learning, healing and guidance. During plant dieta perception channels are opened, and a more direct communication with the spirits of the plant is obtained. This is essential for all types of spiritual learning or healing. Plants have certain healing qualities; if the patient diets with them, their healing power is maximized, and there will be deep, powerful, and long term results.

At the DAS center we have numerous plants of which the participant may diet with. Dietas are specific for each participant according to their personal needs; they depend on the intention, strength, and determination of the participant. Dietas may also vary in the type of food and duration of dieting.

A dietero (one who is dieting) may learn more about the essence of the plant, its healing properties, and alliances with the plant spirits are created. The connection may happen during dreams or visions. Ayahuasca is a healing journey, during which the rules need to be respected strictly; breaking them means breaking the healing process.



In DAS, healing is the focus. Dietas are an essential part of it. They are done following the rules Percy has learned from his spiritual teachers during his years of learning. The food is prepared fresh and without salt, sugar, hot spices, fat, alcohol, fruits, dairy products or meat.

Meals normally consist of rice, quinoa, wheat, avocado, potatoes, bananas, beans, lentil, vegetables, vegetable salads, vegetable soup, spaghetti or macaroni, eggs, porridge(oatmeal) with nuts and peanut butter. In case you are allergic to peanuts or any other food, please let us know before or on arrival.

Our meals are vegetarian and may easily be prepared as vegan if needed.


The healer receives his healing energy through his dietas; without dietas there is no integration of the power of the plant spirits in his heart. Dieta rules are very delicate and firm; respecting them strictly means long lasting healing power.

During dieta the healer becomes an intermediary between the dietero and the plant spirits, and serves also as protector in the physical and spiritual world. For a healing and positive experience during the dieta, a safe and nurturing space is very important. The dietero needs to focus all their energy and attention on their own personal process. Any kind of close or intimate approach / contact during dieta is strictly forbidden.