Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones

We offer 10 Days Specials once a month, they are the addition to our ayahuasca ceremonies and plant dietas. During 10 Days Special programs you will participate in 5 ayahuasca ceremonies, have the opportunity to try kambo, ra pé, experience other forms of healing, diet with one of the teacher plants, attend lectures and presentations, and learn a lot of interesting things about ayahuasca and rainforest plants.

Lectures and presentations are done by Percy Garcia. He oversees all ceremonies and other types of healing. 10 Days Specials are great for those who are looking for their first ayahuasca experience, as it will give them a deeper understanding of the process. For those who are already familiar with ayahuasca, it will give you an overview of holistic healing with ayahuasca complemented by a plant dieta and other healing techniques. 10 Days Special is a perfect choice for groups looking for healing retreats.


Accommodation: 12 private huts on peaceful location in rainforest.
Dieta food: fresh prepared vegetarian or vegan food without salt, sugar, hot spices, fat, alcohol, dairy products or meat.

Meeting at designated place in Iquitos. Transfer to DAS center, accommodation in private huts. Dinner.

Breakfast. Presentation of ayahuasca medicine, plant dieta, ceremony, flower and cleansing baths. Kambo ceremony.  Lunch. Cleansing bath ceremony with healing plants. Ayahuasca ceremony.

Breakfast. Individual conversation with Percy about ceremony. Presentation of ayahuasca preparation. Lunch. Warm ayahuasca bath ceremony to open perception channels and chakras. Dinner.

Breakfast. Lecture about some most known healing plants, their healing properties and preparation. Lunch. Flower bath ceremony to cleanse spiritual energies. Ayahuasca ceremony.

Breakfast. Individual conversation with Percy about ceremony.  Lunch. Walk in the jungle around DAS Center learning about the biodiversity and some of our healing plants and trees in their natural environment. Bath ceremony to refresh body and soul. Dinner.


Breakfast. Shacapa presentation: preparation, healing properties, its use with tobacco and ikaros during ceremony. Lunch. Bath ceremony to attract positive vibrations. Ayahuasca ceremony.

Breakfast. Individual conversation with Percy about ceremony. Lunch. Mud bath prepared with various healing plants to help cleanse body and relax the spirit. Flower bath ceremony. Dinner.

Breakfast. Steam bath to detoxsify body and spirit, and to open the mind. Lunch. Bath ceremony with roses and other flowers. Ayahuasca ceremony.

Breakfast. Individual conversation with Percy about ceremony. Lunch or Dinner. Farewell flower bath ceremony for spiritual protection. Ayahuasca ceremony.

Breakfast. Individual conversation with Percy about ceremony. Transfer to Iquitos.

Program may change in details according to the needs of a specific group.

I am organizing groups for healing retreats. May I book a group visit to DAS for 10 Days Special?
Yes. Please send us an e-mail with selected 10 days for your group and we will send you additional information.

What if I already booked the dates which overlap with the dates of the 10 Days Special?
If we already confirmed your space then your reservation and price stay the same as when you booked.

I am looking for longer retreats. Is this still possible?
Yes. If you are looking for longer retreat, please consult the Retreats page for prices. You may book your retreat for the price and duration you select even if it partly overlaps with 10 Days Special. We recommend you to book well in advance.

How about retreats less than 14 days?
In case you plan a retreat shorter than 14 days then the following options are available:

  • Select the dates outside the 10 Days Special.
  • If your retreat overlaps with 10 Days Special for a day or two, the price for your retreat will be the same as stated on Retreats page.
  • If your retreat mainly overlaps with 10 Days Special then we will ask you to either select other dates or book the 10 Days Special program.

In any case send us enquiry about your preferred dates and we will help you select the best option for you.