Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones

Terms & policies


To make sure your retreat is safe we need to have some additional information about your health and lifestyle.  All the information you share with us (medical and personal) remains confidential. We will never sell or transfer your information to other companies or organizations and will only use it for the purposes to which you have given consent. After we have held your details for 12 months following your retreat, we will delete them.


The combination of most street drugs and ayahuasca is very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. No street drugs or alcohol are allowed in the center. If we suspect such drugs or alcohol are being consumed during your stay, we will ask you to leave the center. If we suspect that such drugs or alcohol have been taken immediately prior to arrival, we reserve the right to refuse admission to the center.


All types of retreats (one week or more) include the following offer: hut accommodation, dieta meals, individual and group conversations, ayahuasca ceremonies, flower baths, plant dieta. If for any reason you choose not to participate in either the kambo or rapé ceremnies, the price of retreat is the same.


We only accept payments via MoneyGram, Western Union (transfer fee is at your cost) and in cash (US dollars or Soles). All reservations need to be confirmed with deposit of 50 % (with the final installment at the arrival to the center) or the full fee at least three weeks before your arrival.


There are no refunds available for payments made including in case you for any reason cancel or shorten your retreat. Therefore we reccommend that you take travel insurance.