Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones

Travel Tips


We recommend you to check the different options for flying from Lima to Iquitos. LATAM, StarPeru, Peruvian Airlines are good options, and you may book from the internet. You may also buy your ticket once you are in Perú (at Lima Airport) or through a travel agent in Perú.

We recommend that you bring some cash. There are ATMs in Iquitos, but if you have a limit on the daily withdrawal, it may sometimes give you a bit of trouble. If you decide to bring cash, bring the nicest, most crisp and newest bills – the standards for quality of dollar bills here are extremely exaggerated. They will not take a bill if it has a super tiny tear or if it is old or rugged… If they take it, they will take a commission.

We would like to stress that you need to take care of your personal safety. Please do not trust people who might approach you and say they are our friends, asking you for money. If we coordinate a taxi to pick you up, then they will let you know who they are, and the only money they will ask for is for the taxi service (check the price list below).


There are different ways to get to the Spiritual Healing Center Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS).


The first option is to take a taxi from the airport or from Iquitos to the village of  El Triunfo. At least for the first time, we recommend that you arrange for our taxi to pick you up. This allows us to organize our workers to pick you up from the village. They will help you carry your luggage on a 30-minute long walk through the jungle to the center. Because taxi transportation may vary depending on where we need to pick you up, this cost is not included in our fees.

Costs of our taxi services:

  • Airport – Iquitos: 20 soles
  • Airport – El Triunfo (daytime): 80 soles
  • Airport – El Triunfo (night): 130 soles
  • Iquitos – El Triunfo (daytime): 100 soles
  • Airport – Iquitos – El Triunfo: 120 soles


If you prefer to arrange the transportation from Iquitos to the village of El Triunfo on your own, the options would depend on your budget and the time you would like to arrive at the center. You would need to take a mototaxi, indicating to the driver to take you to the proper location. For buses, vans or minivans – check the options below.

The FIRST OPTION is to get to “Paradero de coches que viajan a Nauta, mercado Sacha Chorro en la calle Aguirre“. Besides taxi, this is the quickest and most comfortable option. The cost would be 13 soles per person, and each car will leave once it is full. If you prefer, you may pay 13 soles for each missing passenger, so it will leave immediately. Most of the paraderos are located at block 3 around Avenida Aguirre.

The SECOND OPTION is to get to “Paradero de buses a Nauta, calle Prospero con Libertad”. This option costs 5 soles, buses leave approximately every 45 minutes.

The THIRD OPTION is to get to “Paradero de minivans que van al kilometro 70”, which is located in the corner of Avenues Prospero and Jose Galvez. This service costs 5 soles per person and they leave every 20 minutes.

Ask the driver to stop at kilometer 48.5 at the school at El Triunfo village. (in Spanish this is “Kilometro cuarenta y ocho y medio en el colegio del Triunfo“)

Once you are at El Triunfo village on kilometer 48.5, you will take the trail that runs past the school and follow it, you’ll come to the center in about 30 minutes. You may ask the people in the village to point you to the trail to Percy´s center.